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Cách tạo hiệu ứng chữ 3D Adobe Illustrator

Cách tạo hiệu ứng chữ 3D Adobe Illustrator

Hướng dẫn chi tiết cách tạo hiệu ứng chữ 3D trong Adobe Illustrator cực kì đơn giản mà lại đẹp. Trong các poster, banner hay inforgraphic, ngoài phần hình ảnh thì text cũng là 1 yếu tố quan trọng trong việc tạo nên 1 sản phẩm độc đáo. Ở bài viết này, colorME sẽ giới thiệu đến các bạn 1 effect thú vị của chữ trên phần mềm illustrator: hiệu ứng 3D.

Sau khi đã mở phần mềm và tạo 1 file mới, cùng bắt đầu ngay thôi nhé!

Bước 1: Viết chữ

Viết chữ bằng công cụ Paintbrush Tool (B)

- Nhấn đúp vào biểu tượng công cụ, sau đó kéo thanh Fidelity đến hết Smooth và click OK

- Sau đó viết chữ bạn muốn tạo hiệu ứng.

+ Lưu ý nếu bạn muốn xong trong 1 lần thì viết liền 1 nét nhé.

+ Nếu bạn muốn tạo mỗi chữ một màu thì viết riêng từng chữ cái nha.

Bước 2: Tạo màu chữ

- Chọn công cụ Ellipse Tool (L) => Giữ shift vào kéo chuột để vẽ ra hình tròn.

- Chuyển sang hệ màu Gradient và chọn màu

- Đổi màu bạn muốn

- Nhấn giữ Alt và kéo shape để nhân đôi

- Sau đó chọn cả 2 shape và chọn Blend Tool (W)


- Chọn Specified Steps, đổi số thành 300 => Ok

- Ấn đúp chuột vào shape thứ nhất, sau đó tiếp tục đúp chuột vào shape thứ 2 để tạo dải Gradient

Bước 3: Tạo chữ 3D

- Chọn toàn bộ chữ và dải màu Gradient => Chọn Object => Blend => Replace Spine

Vậy là hoàn thành rồi! Và đây là thành quả

- Nếu muốn chữ thật mượt mà hơn nữa, chỉ cần tăng Specified Steps lên cao thôi nhé!


Vậy là chỉ với vài bước đơn giản, bạn đã có thể tạo được hiệu ứng 3D ấn tượng rồi! Chúc bạn thành công! Nếu muốn tìm hiểu thêm về công cụ và các hiệu ứng hay ho hơn trong illustrator (AI), đừng ngần ngại ghé thăm website VnTrick.com và tìm hiểu khóa học về AI ngay nhé!

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Fashionable and careful machine, let you easily have high fashion

Nowadays, most parts of the country have entered the autumn, so if you want to be beautiful, you must prepare for the autumn fashion matching. Autumn is a relatively sluggish season, which makes people feel a bit sad for no reason, but you can't dress because of external influences. The bleak autumn can also be full of vitality and super healing.

So let’s not say much today, let’s take a look at those fashionable and “healing” fashion outfits, so that you can quickly acquire the fashionable style of autumn.


Pure color interprets autumn fashion

Although autumn is a very sluggish season, you can use the color system to collide with different fashions. But if we want to get high fashion, then we need to find another way.

Therefore, choosing a solid color with a sense of coordination is the safest way. The harmony of the color system can be matched with a super healing feeling, so that the sad atmosphere of autumn will instantly dissipate, and the girly feeling full of vitality is presented in front of you.


High fashion in wide-leg pants

In recent years, wide-leg trousers have become more and more popular, but today’s popular wide-leg trousers are more convergent than the previous version. The version is more straight-cut, which can make the legs more straight and clear. Called "wide-leg pants".

Wide tube trousers are indispensable in autumn collocation, so they have many advantages. Thinning is only one of them. More importantly, they are very comfortable and warm. They can hold many items without looking bloated.


The wide-leg pants that are popular in autumn have a strong advantage. They can be matched with any jacket or even a variety of styles, so they are very practical for matching Xiaobai.

And the practicality of wide-leg pants in daily life is not only that, but also can have an elegant atmosphere, and will not fall under the trend compared with skirts. So if you want to get high fashion, then there is nothing more suitable than a pair of wide-leg pants.


Fashion of small leather boots

As we all know, there is a sharp contrast between the texture of leather and clothing. This kind of luster has a powerful transformation for matching. A very elegant skirt with small leather boots will become full of aura.

Therefore, the matching of small leather boots is usually cool and handsome, especially in the autumn matching, it is more handsome and fashionable, wearing the upper body can transform into the goddess of temperament.


High fashion with basic design

We will find that the usual high-end fashion collocations will not incorporate many popular designs, regardless of color or style.

Therefore, if you want to create high fashion in autumn, you still need to use basic models and basic color matching. Although it seems very simple, the effect of matching the upper body is not simple. It is a careful machine for fashion matching, which can accompany you for a long time. Long time.


Careful machine for stacking and matching

Girls with a slim figure can also choose to layer and wear. Most of the high-end fashion items are basic styles, so layering and matching are also easy to grasp. It does not require many special matching skills and is very easy to master.

The way of stacking and wearing has a sharp contrast with ordinary matching, which is more outstanding and eye-catching.


Through comparison, we can find that stacking and matching are more personalized and memorable, and simple matching is two different effects.

So layered collocation is very popular nowadays, we can also use layered collocation to wear a more warm fashion effect, which belongs to the autumn practical series.


Casual stacking and matching are becoming more and more popular, which means that people's ability to accept fashion is broader, so more personalized designs can be added to the basic design to add individual charm, so as to improve their matching step by step ability.

So dressing and matching is a gradual process. If we want to become more fashionable, we need to master the basic matching.


The refreshing and clean configuration is a bonus item for autumn wear, and it can also become the highlight of the entire match. This is the upgraded fashion temperament, so if you want to be beautiful, then act quickly. In the end, you can also become fashionable. fine


Don't know how to wear the autumn? Follow the ins style to wear, simply wear out the temperament

This autumn, becoming beautiful begins with imitation. The ins style that has been blowing for many years can provide more inspiration for your outfit.

Looks that look western and fashionable are not built through fashionable items. Most of them choose simple and basic items. After individual matching skills, the styling becomes intriguing every minute. And this time, 18 sets of ins style autumn match for everyone, and the cool and retro style of dressing, each set looks very trendy.


Fashionable people actually love a variety of simple and accented items, such as this retro blue jeans.

The mopping jeans have a lazy and casual style. Paired with a saturated and artistic Morandi color top, the upper body looks simple and temperament, the point is that the photogenic is also very good-looking.


Girls who have seen promotional photos of Chanel's stars this year should have found that these stars are all wearing the same pair of boots, and the sister papers with strong fashion sensitivity should all start secretly.

Speaking of which, these sturdy mid-tube boots are modern and handsome. They are super sassy when paired with trousers. They can also be worn with an elegant and confident atmosphere when paired with skirts. No matter how we wear them, we can wear them effortlessly. Fashionable style.


Girls who like cool girl style can learn from this group of look , choose a loose-fitting pants, and then put the pants into the boot tube, and the upper body can wear a cool and fashionable shape.

Especially this time I also chose the dark and black color scheme, and the whole shape feels full of recklessness. Of course, if you choose to wear a black suit and learn how to wear with a waist bag on the right side, you can not only increase the sense of modeling, but also look tall and stylish.


The combination of mid-tube boots and trousers, although it is easy to wear a salt-cool look, but many soft girls are always worried that they cannot control it. Then it's better to choose the collision of middle boots and college style A-line skirt, and you can wear a sweet and cool girlish feel on the upper body.

Of course, when matching, whether it is showing legs or wearing boots under the skirt, you must choose the same color to wear. The upper body not only shows the leg length but also enhances the temperament. Only this time with the upper body, I chose BF style clothing, which looks more straightforward.


Like the combination of gentle and retro style, we can choose to create a fashionable layered effect of basic tops + knitted vests. The upper body is not only foreign, but also literary and retro style.

If you are a small girl, pair it with a neat-line suit and pants, and the upper body can also have the special effects of long legs . A short goddess can also find confidence in this match.


The common wear of suit pants is to match a small suit jacket of the same color to create a high-cold goddess style.

Just to avoid the styling too much for the workplace, choosing a boyfriend style suit jacket can help you wear a trendy and sassy look. Secondly, we choose Hong Kong-style floral shirts, casual T-shirts, sweaters and other tops with contrasting styles to create a fashionable look.


Speaking of it, this year's small hoodies has always been a popular item in the spring and autumn.

The sister paper with gentle temperament prefers light-colored styles. The upper body has a gentle temperament and does not lose control of sister fan. The sister paper with a strong aura, small dark suits such as military green and black are simple and cool. With a neat and capable high-waisted trousers, you can wear a more personal and eye-catching look.


Ins wind wear, in order to make the temperament better, the blessing of accessories is indispensable , and the hat wearing method is the favorite of celebrities.

For the autumn and winter seasons, knitted hats, fisherman hats, and berets can be easily matched with salt and sweetness. If you want a more fashionable look, don't miss it. , The knitted hat is wonderful


I don’t know how to make a fashionable sister paper in autumn. You can follow the ins style above. It is a simple single product that can also wear a look of temperament. It is worth learning from.

can be worn with the "girlfriend"! A must-have for shopping, making you look thin

It is very happy to go out with the little sisters, drink milk tea and go shopping. Therefore, the matching plan when pressing the road cannot be ignored. How to complement each other is the topic we want to study today.

So for daily life, we will use fashion collocation to make the little sisters become beautiful and fashionable together. Without further ado, today we will take stock of fashion trends for everyone.


Fashion matching of jeans

Jeans are not actually a fashion item, but because they are popular every year, but they are very popular every year, they often appear at the top of fashion together with other novel and popular items.

The reason why jeans are so popular has an important connection with the versatile function of not picking people. Therefore, little sisters of different body heights can wear them together, which can completely match the effect of girlfriends and become more beautiful together.


Same style in different colors

There is also a simple way to wear the effect of girlfriends outfit. You can choose the same item, but choose different colors. You can also choose your favorite color to match the effect of fashionable girlfriends outfit.

In fact, this kind of match is more eye-catching when worn with the little sisters, and it has a fashion sense of 1+1 greater than 2, and it is full of turning heads when walking on the street.


Same style

There are also some more secret schemes that do not need the same color or the same style, but the same style. There is no clear boundary, that is, the two styles are very similar, then the effect of the whole match will be very coordinated, and there will be no sense of contradiction when walking together.

It doesn't appear too fancy or too plain, but rather complementary existence, that is, the fashion effect of 1+1 greater than 2.


In fact, this kind of matching scheme of the same style is quite common. Because of the influence of good friends, the two people’s preferences will gradually assimilate. In fact, this is somewhat similar to the relationship between lovers. Because everyone is familiar and lives together for a long time, there will be certain Of the impact.

Therefore, the dressing styles between the little sisters will become more and more similar, and the effect of girlfriends will be unknowingly.


But there are also some fashion black t shirt collocations, very careful. Although there is no pattern and no specific similarities, it just feels very coordinated, very beautiful, and makes people look comfortable.

In this way, whether two people are going shopping or going to work, doing anything together will make people feel like a natural pair, and they are exceptionally matched.


It is not necessary to dress as a girlfriend when going out to play together. Sometimes you can match them according to your own preferences. After all, there are some differences, not all good friends have the same preferences.

Some girls like tooling style, and some girls like sweet and cute. Although they don’t match together, they have very good feelings. This is the market effect of dressing and matching. It can make you more suitable when you need it, and make you unique when you don't need it.


Nowadays, social information is updated and iterated, and people's communication is becoming more and more convenient, but it reveals some icy feelings. So cherish the time spent with good friends, whether at work or school.

Because it is impossible to be together forever, there will be short-term separation or long-term separation. Cherish every minute and every second when we are together, and communicate appropriately when we are apart.


Many people's good friends came from the student days, because that period of time was precious to us. At that time we were relatively simple and everyone had a sincere heart.

As we get older and the people we come into contact with become more and more complex, we will feel the sincerity of that emotion even more, so we must cherish this friendship when we are separated.


When we are together, we can create some memorable little surprises, so that even after a long time, everyone will still look forward to that emotion, which is a precious gift in memory.

18 sets of non-heavy styles, easy to have a trendy style

Dress matching is always a hot topic among girls, because for girls who want to be beautiful, dress matching is the best way to catch your eye. But it takes another effort to master this path to beauty.

It is now in autumn and the seasonal temperature difference is large, causing many girls not to know how to dress and match. So today, we bring you 18 kinds of fashion styles that are not too heavy, to interpret the fashion style of autumn personality for you.


Colorful colors

Colorful color schemes can awaken people’s deep memories of children’s moments, and make people feel happy. Therefore, the color scheme is very popular in autumn. It can drive away the depression brought by the withered yellow leaves and bring a youthful and lively The pleasant atmosphere makes daily collocations colorful. Therefore, colorful color matching is a magic key to open autumn fashion. As long as you hold it in your hand, you can make people look new and have a colorful life.


In the collocation of the color system, we can find that the contrast of the color system can make the high waist line more obvious, which also makes the high waist line more and more important, so it can make people look tall and powerful. temperament. This is the little secret hidden in the color collocation. With the colorful design, you can open a new path, and let people discover that the original tall and thin can also be so fashionable.


Layering and matching to create personality

Through the comparison of matching, we can also find that the way of stacking and matching is usually more personalized and fashionable, and the whole person will be more outstanding. This is due to the layered design added to the matching shape, which makes the shape unique. Wearing the upper body does not even need accessories to embellish, you can have a delicate, inadvertently stunning four. Therefore, in daily wear, we can use multiple items to create individual fashion by stacking.


By stacking and matching, you can break the conventional design of the basic models and make the classic styles unique. This has been confirmed in fashion matching, so to untie the shackles of autumn wear, it is better to start with the stacking method , Let you wear a stylish style hoodie with simple basic styles, blooming a stylish temperament style this fall, and become fashionable.


Exquisite color embellishment

From the above collocation, we have already said the importance of colorful colors for autumn. In fact, colorful designs can appear not only as clothing items, but also as accessories. For example, messenger bags, such as tube socks, or canvas shoes, etc., can all become the territory of color matching. Makes the matching style unique, but not too eye-catching. This low-key fashion is suitable for daily wear.


In order to achieve the effect of age reduction, many girls will choose canvas shoes, because canvas shoes are full of academic style. In order to pursue all-match fashion, most girls will choose black and white canvas shoes. But in fact, colorful canvas shoes are also very popular in autumn and winter, which can open a new fashion door for you and let you discover that the original colorful canvas shoes can also be so fashionable.


Letter design embellished fashion

The matching skills for planting grass for everyone before are more obvious, but this time the careful machine design is more secretive, or the small letter design, or the exquisite printing design, in short, it will not appear on a large area, but the embellishment is looming But you can slap your heartstrings and make the matching look unique.


The same is true for the exquisite messenger bag. Although the practical effect is not so powerful, it can be very cute and cute when it appears as a decoration in a matching style. For items without a waistline, the messenger bag can also define a high waistline for you, so you can wear a high fashion matching effect.


Although autumn is a relatively cool season, it is still warm and warm in the more southern regions. So you can continue the summer fashion, it is enough to complement some long designs.

In addition to her "willful" personality, her appearance and clothing are impeccable

Many people love and hate Zheng Shuang. Some love her for her straightforwardness, while others can't understand her willful attitude. However, despite the two-sidedness of her personality, her appearance and clothing are still worthy of praise. The appearance that has been online has become a scene where many people struggle with reason when they see bad comments about her. Zheng Shuang, who participated in the event recently, rushed to the top of the Weibo hot search list with her own strength. Although her acting skills need to be improved, her topic flow is still considerable.


She appeared at the Prada event this time and she is indeed very beautiful. Zheng Shuang's standard of beauty is to be thin, and she has become more refined because of her thinness. This time, she chose a more mature makeup and hairstyle, retro with a modern look, black and shiny low pony tail with eight-character bangs that modify the face, under the light, the whole person is white and shiny.


Zheng Shuang, who rarely challenges big red lips, was unexpected this time. He chose a thicker makeup look. The overall look is quite different from the previous delicate image. The eyebrows are stronger and stronger than before. It's lethal. The distinct eyelashes are proof of her delicacy and dedication, and her small face has become more wild and beautiful because of the blessing of the three-dimensional facial features.


Zheng Shuang chose a more classical and literary style of dress this time, challenging himself again. The checkered shirt in black and white and red has a slim-fit design. There is a certain boundary between the shirt collar and the neck, which is enough to show a perfect neck-to-shoulder ratio. The buttons on the body are all buttoned properly, and there is no deliberately unbuttoning two or three buttons in order to reveal the thin clavicle and ribs, which is simple and fashionable.


Sleeveless shirts can't stop her beauty. Many people think that the sleeveless style like a vest but retains the shoulder fabric is very earthy and difficult to wear high-end, but from the effect of Zheng Shuang's upper body, this situation is not appear. On the contrary, because of the seemingly useless shoulder pad design, the whole has become more three-dimensional. For a lady with a round face and slippery shoulders, a thin shoulder pad is placed on the shoulder and no one can see your imperfect body.


She chose to wear a black t shirt high-waisted skirt for the bottoms. The wide and domineering outer belt set the overall tone without deviation, and also added a bit of a crisp and stylish texture to the overall non-muscular single product. The knee-length skirt design of the pleated style is concise and stylish, and has a great ability to cover meat. It is a good medicine for people with fat on the abdomen, and easily resolves embarrassment. The three-dimensional accessories on the front of the skirt have raised the overall feeling to a higher level, with high quality in the stability and luxury in the low-key.


Zheng Shuang has a large width ratio between temples and chin, so no matter what hairstyle she changes, she will definitely have eight-character bangs that shape her overall face. The middle part of the form faintly reveals a smooth and full forehead, refreshing and breathable. She wears a pure blue suit with an alternative style. It is also a small stand-up collar with sleeveless design, but this time it has changed from a button to a zipper, and the whole has become very sporty. Wearing three-point shorts is concise and fashionable, and the effect of dissatisfaction with the effect of thinness is really amazing.


From low ponytails to braided boxing braids, and then into this quiet and elegant black shoulder-length hairstyle, the introverted image of literature and art is really convincing, and it is completely opposite to her usual temperament. A suede contrasting vintage shirt with a pair of cotton and linen high-waisted five-point shorts, a wide woven belt is really recognizable. This outfit presents a retro pastoral style as a whole. Anyone who has watched Li Ziqi's video knows that this outfit is close to Li Ziqi's dressing style, full of Chinese style.

Cách gấp phong bì đơn giản

Cách gấp phong bì đơn giản là một trong những mẹo vặt cuộc sống, rất hữu ích cho những bạn đang muốn tự tay gấp phong bì handmade tại nhà. Dưới đây là 3 Cách gấp phong bì đơn giản mà Macrame Lá chia sẻ, hy vọng sẽ giúp ích cho bạn.

Nguyên liệu cần chuẩn bị
Giấy A4. Bạn có thể chọn bất kỳ loại giấy nào mà có màu sắc và loại mình yêu thích
Kéo cắt giấy
Băng dính
3 cách gấp phong bì đơn giản mà tinh tế
Có rất nhiều cách để sở hữu trên tay một chiếc phong bì đẹp hiện nay. Nhưng phồ biến nhất vẫn là 3 cách mà Macrame Lá chia sẻ cho bạn dưới đây.

Cách gấp phong bì dạng túi
Bước 1: Dùng giấy A4 hình vuông. Trải dài mảnh giấy lên mặt phẳng.

Bước 2: Gấp đôi tờ giấy theo chiều từ dưới lên trên

Cách gấp phong bì

Bước 3: Dùng keo dinh dán 2 bên mếp lại để tài liệu không rơi ra ngoài.

Dán 2 mép

Bước 4: Gập phần đầu của phong bì xuống 1 cm để làm nắp cho tài liệu bên trongì không bị rơi.

Như vậy sau 4 bước đơn giản bạn đã có thể sở hữu 1 phong bì xinh xắn.

Cách gấp phong bì đơn giản
Bước 1: Sử dụng giấy A4 hình chữ nhật. Sau đó, bạn gấp 2 mép 2 bên vào giữa của tờ giấy tạo thành 2 hình tam giác đối xứng nhau. Tiếp theo gấp 1 bên lại theo chiều dọc từ trên xuống dưới như hình dưới.

Phong bì đơn giản

Bước 2: Sau khi gấp xong 2 bên như bước 1. Bạn gập đôi tờ giấy lại, nhớ chừa phần chóp để làm thành nắp của phong bì.

cách gấp phong bì đơn giản

Bước 3: Đây cũng là bước cuối cùng, bạn gập phần nắp xuống và dùng keo dính dán lại.

Vậy là chỉ sau 3 bước vô cùng đơn giản, bạn đã hoàn thành một chiếc phong bì siêu đẹp.

Cách gấp phong bì đẹp
Với cách này bạn sẽ sở hữu phong bì vừa đẹp vừa tiết kiệm thời gian.

Bước 1: Sử dụng giấy hình vuông và gấp các cạnh ngoài vào theo 4 góc để tạo thành hình tam giác. Lưu ý bạn nhớ miết chặt các góc để tạo nếp.

bước 1

Bước 2: Dùng kéo cắt các góc theo nếp đã miết sẵn. Cắt như hình dưới.

cách gấp phong bì đơn giản

Bước 3: Bước cuối cùng rất dễ và đơn giản, bạn chỉ cần ghép các mảnh giấy lại với nhau và dùng keo dính dán lại.

Như vậy sau 3 bước bạn đã có thể tự tay gấp cho mình phong bì handmade vô cùng xinh xắn. Với 3 cách trên bất kỳ ai cũng có thể làm được.